I’m extremely happy to offer the two services below. Email me to book either one, and I’ll respond with available times.


FEATURE SCREENPLAY NOTES – $350: I spend several hours reading your feature screenplay, and dissecting your plot and structure against your hero’s journey.  

In addition to my extremely nit-picky typed page notes throughout your PDF file, I include a multi-page written analysis with detailed suggestions on improving the following:

  • Structure and Hero’s Arc 
  • Dialogue
  • Tone and Pace
  • Stakes and Rules
  • World and Scale
  • Anything else that sticks out – or anything you’d like me to target in your script.

This is not a coverage service. 

This is specifically designed to help you isolate problem areas – or areas with opportunity for dramatic improvement – prior to tackling your rewrite or polish.  

For Your Rewrite: If your draft needs significant structure or hero work, I will focus my notes on the larger strokes – improving timing and impact of your plot points and magnifying your hero’s choices – with the goal of improve your draft’s thruline and igniting your screenplay’s energy.  

For Your Polish: If your structure and hero already ROCK the page, I’ll offer extremely targeted suggestions to elevate your script. These include adding thematic layers to your hero and villain, enlivening your secondary characters, bringing life to your world, and magnifying your opening and closing images.

ONLINE SCREENWRITING INSTRUCTION ($100/HOUR or 5 sessions for $400):  

If you’re taking my online class and you’d like additional guidance on cracking a concept, beating out a structure, improving craft – or any course-related chapters – I can coach you on any or all of the following:

  • Concept
  • Logline
  • Hero
  • Theme
  • Tone
  • World
  • Structure
  • Dialogue
  • Craft (White Space, Action Lines, Scene Structure, Rules, Etc.)

Note: I’m here to help you learn – not to co-write your material. I’ll ask you pointed questions about what you want to say on the page. I’ll offer examples and suggestions to guide you. I’ll offer you experience-based feedback on which story elements (your idea, hero, and/or execution) may (or may not) appeal to an industry reader. 


Email me to let me know what service you’d like to book, and I’ll respond with available times. Happy Writing!