1. An exhaustive read of your feature screenplay ($300 up to 110 pages) or one-hour pilot ($225 up to 60 pages)
  2. Typed page notes throughout your PDF file.
  3. A multi-page analysis on how to improve the following:
  • Concept
  • Structure
  • Hero’s Arc 
  • Dialogue
  • Tone and Pace
  • Craft 
  • Stakes and Rules
  • World and Scale
  • Anything else that sticks out – or anything you’d like me to target in your script.

*This is not a coverage service. This is specifically designed to help pinpoint and elevate problem areas in your script, in order to prepare you for a full-scale rewrite or polish. 


I offer follow-up sessions on script analysis, if you have questions about my notes or if you’d like to run rewrite choices by me. Alternatively, if you’d like general guidance on feature screenwriting, I can coach you on the following:

  • Concept
  • Logline
  • Hero
  • Theme
  • Tone
  • World
  • Structure
  • Dialogue
  • Craft (White Space, Action Lines, Scene Structure, Rules, Etc.)
  • Questions on Seeking Representation



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